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Click Here to View a slide show representing the life of John Kille

(John Kille was a member of both Burnie and Wynyard Rotary Clubs and worked hard for
our club designing stage layouts and making props for our Music Hall shows each year)

Normal Meeting Dates:

The Wynyard Rotary Club meets every Monday night at 6.30 PM at the Wharf Hotel in Wynyard. Canceled, postponed and special meetings will be advertised on this page if and when required.

We would love your comments! Good or Bad. Please use the feedback form below to do so.

All Club Members will be very much aware that our Bulletin Editor is and has been doing a great job in producing that Bulletin every week, in time for every meeting.
Here is your opportunity to show your appreciation and help a little by contributing to the content of that publication with a small story, a joke or a bit of news you would like to share with your fellow Rotarians.

Margaret Trousdale
Bulletin Editor

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Paul Harris Fellows

Hilton Peck Geoff Littler Murray Elphinstone
Charles Lewis Loris Roberts-Thomson Mark Pearce
Jim Saward Freda Cook Michael Freeman
Bob Kay Mick Mathews Raymond Shires
Cal Walker David Schmidt Stephen Charles
Mike Cook Ronald Freeman John Gursansky
Barbara Schmidt John Kille Graeme Saward
Nan Sharman Wolf Friedersdorff Stephen Walker
Les Webber Trevor Hopf Tom Barnard
Mike Dixon Fay Hopf Merle Peck
Albert Viney Peter Radel Tony Hennessy
Fay Reeve Alwyn Friedersdorff E. Roberts-Thomson
Douglas Portors Ruth Gilmore Anthony Wilson
Tony Boys Pat Walkley Chris Campbell
Ellen Burn Richard Muir Wilson Greg Smith
Marie Leicester Julie Murray
Susan Hope Judy Charles

Past Presidents of the Wynyard Club

* (Deceased)

Tom Barnard * 1971-72   Steve Walker 1993-94
Brian Sheppard * 1972-73   David Schmidt * 1994-95
Eric Roberts-Thomson * 1973-74   Trevor Hanson 1995-96
Charles Lewis * 1974-75   Ray Shires 1996-97
Mick Mathews * 1975-76   Steve Charles 1997-98
Jim Saward 1976-77   Greg Smith 1998-99
Mike Cook 1977-78   Anthony Harris 1999-00
Geoff Littler * 1978-79   Graeme Saward 2000-01
Ray Durstan * 1979-80   Tony Boys 2001-02
Clive Holyman 1980-81   John Dobson 2002-03
Albert Viney 1981-82   Peter Radel 2003-04
Mike Dixon 1982-83   Rodney Leicester 2004-05
Bob Kay 1983-84   Douglas Portors * 2005-06
Tony Hennessy 1984-85   Michael Freeman 2006-07
Des Wilson 1985-86   Mark Pearce 2007-08
Graeme Wilson 1986-87   Lesley Littler 2008-09
John Vincent 1987-88   Christopher Campbell 2009-10
Francis Ransley 1988-89   Raymond Shires 2010-11
Mike Beech-Jones 1989-90   Trevor Hopf 2011-12
Ron Freeman * 1990-91   Susan Hope 2012-13
Darrel Hunt 1991-92   Duncan Howes 2013-14
Kevin Johnstone * 1992-93 Ken Spalding 2014-15

President 2015/16 Satish Kumar

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Feedback Area

Should you wish to leave a note or a comment in relations to any matter concerning the club,
the clubs activities or this web site, please use our official feedback form located here.

Members and visitor to our site are welcome to make comment via our Feedback page.

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